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FloTHERM Thermal Analysis Training

Optimizing the Thermal Design of Electronics 

Description: Learning Objectives This Introductory course is designed to provide new users of FloTHERM with a background sufficient for tackling a wide range of airflow problems. 

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Learning Objectives

This Introductory course is designed to provide new users of FloTHERM with a background sufficient for tackling a wide range of airflow problems. 

The main goals are to make the user familiar with the operation of FloTHERM and to instill good engineering modeling practices, through the use of hands-on tutorial exercises.


FLOTHERM is a powerful 3D computational fluid dynamics software that predicts airflow and heat transfer in and around electronic equipment, including the coupled effects of conduction, convection and radiation.

FLOTHERM is powerful 3D simulation software for thermal design of electronic components and systems. It enables engineers to create virtual models of electronic equipment, perform thermal analysis and test design modifications quickly and easily in the early stages of the design process well before any physical prototypes are built. FLOTHERM uses advanced CFD (computational fluid dynamics) techniques to predict airflow, temperature and heat transfer in components, boards and complete systems.

Unlike other thermal simulation software, FLOTHERM is a Design-Class or industry-specific analysis tool specially designed for a wide range of electronic applications that include:

·         computers and data processing,

·         telecommunications equipment and network systems

·         semiconductor devices, ICs and components

·         aerospace and defense systems

·         automotive and transportation systems

·         consumer electronics

As a Design-Class tool, FLOTHERM features specialization, built-in intelligence and automation not found in traditional analysis software. This functionality maximizes productivity for thermal design experts, minimizes the learning curve for mechanical design engineers and provides the highest levels of return on investment available from analysis software.

In a small to medium-sized company, FLOTHERM can pay for itself several times over in just one year and even faster as the size of the company increases. Experience the benefits of using FLOTHERM for thermal design of electronics, that include:

·         solving thermal problems before hardware is built

·         reducing design re-spins and product unit costs

·         improving reliability and overall engineering design 

  • Usefull to analyze all Power Products thermal issues
  • Necessary to ensure your Board performs well in enclosure
  • If you are building Automotive Electronics Board - its mandatory the board should go through Thermal analysis test or else the board might fail in the field test
  • Reduces prototype cost 
  • Increases reliability of Electronic devices which generates substantial amount of heat and which is mounted in harsh environmental conditions

Courseware Includes

  1. FloTHERM Training Manual - Hardcopy 
  2. FloTHERM Files - Carry out the LAB exercise in FloTHERM to simulate the Results all in your PC 
  3. Video with Text sessions of LAB activities
  4. FloTHERM reference files for your LAB practice

exactly what  I wanted.. Thank you!

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