Power Products: Military Grade Wide Input DC-DC converter

Software Defined Radio: Lunaris Transceiver with Vector Network Analyser Based on HPSDR Hermes

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  • Low Cost DC Electronic Loads

    Low Cost DC Electronic Loads developed for Power Supply manufacturing and testing.

    Removing conventional Rehostat as load its a linear dc load which can be controlled with just a knob

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Ultra low noise Power Supply for Radio & Transceivers CATALEYA CL350-12

CATALEYA-CL350-12 is a 13.8Volt 25 Ampere Desktop Switching Power Supply with switchable Voltage and Ampere Display suitable for Powering your 200Wat


MIL STD 810F & MIL 461E DC-DC adapters

DC to DC Convertors for Panasonic, Getac & many more Tough Book PC


DC Electronic Load DCL300

DCL300 DC Electronic Load is a precision active load designed to test your DC-DC Converters, SMPS, Linear po


MIL-STD-461E 165-370VDC DC-DC adapters

NV370 is a High Voltage wide input range DC-DC Converters for Naval requirements to power various Electronics in the Ship. The input voltage is 165-370VDC With


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