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    Low Cost DC Electronic Loads developed for Power Supply manufacturing and testing.

    Removing conventional Rehostat as load its a linear dc load which can be controlled with just a knob

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Embedded System Design Starter Course

Description: Open the Courseware and Start Learning ! Yes the courseware contains all Hardware and Software - you need not to buy any software and cables or converter Learn embedded from scratch and the course meets ECE curriculum

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Open the Courseware and Start Learning ! Yes the courseware contains all Hardware and Software - you need not to buy any software and cables or converter

Learn embedded from scratch and the course meets ECE curriculum too.

CEDA Distance Learning Program is a 25 days course that will take approximately 70 hours to complete.

It is divided into 10 lessons. Your 5 comprehensive modules start with solid basics. You'll begin by learning the important principles that are the fundamental rules for just about whatever you may do in embedded system design. Then, you'll get detailed instructions in techniques and procedures. We'll guide you through exciting hands-on projects. There are no educational prerequisites to enroll. However, you should be familiar with basic electronics, and comfortable with fundamentals.

Who Should Attend?

  • Engineering Student can take up this as Summer- Training Course
  • Engineers new to Embedded systems
  • Engineers who wants to switch over to Embedded Systems
  • You must be familiar with Basic Electronics functionality.

System/Hardware Requirement:

  • A PC with serial (RS232) port. If serial port is not available, a USB to serial converter can be purchased from us.

  • A USB port to provide power supply for the board.

Software requirements:

  • MS Windows XP/Vista/Windows7/Windows8

Engineering Students can take up this course as Online Summer Training. Working executives who is running short of time for them its a appropriate Embedded course. Certificate of Participation will be awarded

The 8051 has been in use in a wide number of devices, mainly because it is easy to integrate into a project or build a device around. The following are the main areas of focus:

  • Energy Management: Efficient metering systems help in controlling energy usage in homes and industrial applications. These metering systems are made capable by incorporating microcontrollers.

  • Touch screens: A high number of microcontroller providers incorporate touch-sensing capabilities in their designs. Portable electronics such as cell phones, media players and gaming devices are examples of microcontroller-based touch screens.

  • Automobiles: The 8051 finds wide acceptance in providing automobile solutions. They are widely used in hybrid vehicles to manage engine variants. Additionally, functions such as cruise control and anti-brake system have been made more efficient with the use of microcontrollers.

  • Medical Devices: Portable medical devices such as blood pressure and glucose monitors use microcontrollers will to display data, thus providing higher reliability in providing medical results.

  • Summer Training

Courseware content

  • Training Manual - Hard Copy

  • 8051 base complete kit  features:-

  • On Board Buzzer
  • On Board 8 User LED
  • On Board 12 User Momentary Switches
  • On Board Seven Segment Display
  • On Board 16X2 LCD
  • On Board Preset for ADC Experiments
  • On Board ADC Reference Voltage selection via on board Preset
  • On Board LM35 Temperature Sensor for Experiments
  • On Board socket provision for AT24C08 EEPROM for Extra data saving options
  • On Board RS232 Connector for Serial Communication Experiments and Boot loader Option
  • On Board TSOP1703 IR Receiver for experiments with IR Communication
  • On Board Relay for High Wattage Load ON/OFF Experiments
  • On Board DC Motor & Stepper Motor Driver
  • All the pins of main controller are available with 40 pin header
  • Almost all the peripherals are terminated to pin header, so that user have the complete liberty to chose the peripherals at any I/O pin at their will.
  • USB To Serial Converter - FREE

  • USB Cable

  • Set of Jumpers

  • Audio-Video DVD

  • Lab Reference File CD

  • DC Jack for powering the board

For a beginner, this is a complete course to understand embedded system

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